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Trustbuilding Breakfast



Georgette Norman encourages Alabama citizens to use their history as an opportunity to spark deliberate dialogue, which she believes will help bring about social and political change.  She is the Founding Director of the Troy University Rosa Parks Museum and has served as project historian on the Alabama African-American Civil Rights Heritage Sites Consortium. 

As the Director of Troy University Rosa Parks Museum, Georgette partnered with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services (SITES) to develop “361 Days: The Montgomery Bus Boycott Story” for the 50th Anniversary of the Boycott. The Exhibit explores the crucial, historic events, which ignited the national Civil Rights Movement and was generously underwritten by AARP. She also works as an independent consultant in the arts, education, program design and implementation and conducts workshops in creativity, cultural diversity and healing history. She also serves on the Artistic Committee for Cloverdale Playhouse where she directs and performs.

We invite you watch this very informative video to learn more about Ms.Norman and her accomplishments:

Please join us for breakfast on November 3rd at 9:30 AM to hear more from Ms. Norman.  We will be meeting at the Griggs Recreational Center in LaGrange.